Can lower cholesterol levels

Cholesterol has many important functions in the body.

In fact, it’s used to make corrosive acids, which are substances that help the body condense fat ( 12Trusted Source ).

The liver turns cholesterol into corrosive acids, which are also released into the digestive system whenever you eat a high-fat mess ( 13Trusted Source ).

When all the fat is absorbed and the corrosive acids have served their purpose, they are reabsorbed into the bloodstream and used again.

Certain substances in kale can bind to corrosive acids in the digestive tract and help them to be reabsorbed. It lowers total cholesterol in the body ( 14Trusted Source ).

A study in 149 people with metabolic syndrome showed that consuming 14 grams of kale grizepaint per day for 8 weeks significantly reduced blood pressure, belly fat, and LDL(bad) cholesterol along with dietary blood sugar status (15).

According to an older study, kale dramatically increases the corrosive acid binding effect. Steamed kale is actually 13 times as potent as cholestyramine, a cholesterol-lowering drug that works similarly(16).

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