What causes orange urine?

The color of our urine is not something we usually talk about. We are used to being in the yellow to almost clear spectrum. But when your urine is orange — or red, or even green — something serious could be going on.

Many things can change the color of your urine. Most of the time, it’s harmless. If you don’t have enough water on a certain day, you may notice that it is dark. If you’re eating beets, looking down and seeing red urine can scare you a bit. However, some cases of urine discoloration require your doctor’s attention.

Orange urine can have many causes. Some are harmless, and others are serious. The color change should be short-lived, so if your urine is consistently orange, regardless of the change, see your doctor.

Food coloring can also be responsible for blue or green urine. Dyes used in medical tests for bladder and kidney function can also have this effect. Certain medications also cause blue and green urine—things like propofol and indomethacin. Bright-yellow or light-green urine can also be a sign of excess B vitamins. Asparagus is also known to give urine a green tint.

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